Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Safety Training

Since I am a computationalist at GiantU, I've gotten away with not sitting through OSHA training for two whole years. However, I'm tentatively TAing a lab course this fall, so I had to go sit in a  dark room and listen to a rather quiet man talk about gloves for 30 minutes, plus everything else.

Because it's summer, they only offer the combined safety class, which meant I also got an hour of lecturing about blood-borne pathogens and other biological hazards. Surprisingly, this safety training spent rather little time on scare tactics compared to other training I've done, and almost nothing about espionage (a big feature of both LargeManufacturingCompany and NationalLab trainings).

Even though most of it wasn't personally relevant, it was rather reassuring to know that GiantU has a pretty rigorous lab safety program. They were very keen to reiterate "if it seems unsafe, you can ask us for help". Hopefully people actually do.

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