Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You know you're an engineer when...

You use a Gantt chart to help plan your wedding. We're behind our target, but we were deliberately ambitious with our time line planning to give ourselves a nice buffer.

Watching other friends panicking about planning, I'm thankful that 1) I'm marrying an engineer  2) my parents are also engineers and 3) most of the wedding party is engineers (except my sister the architect). Good engineers have a fundamentally different approach to problem solving that is much less stressful for event planning. There's no "oh noes, everything is ruined!!11!!!" mentality. However, there might be an excessive habit of fixing things with duct tape...

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty glad I married an engineer. Made the wedding plan very efficient, economical, and well..., nerdy. Twas great though.

    Having severe nonchalance about it caused our non-engineering friends quite a stir but I think that's the best part.

    Good luck with the plans.