Wednesday, December 21, 2011

(Eleven) months of blogging

Joining in on the end-of-the-year meme, despite not having blogged for a full year yet...

January: Lurking, some commenting. 

FebruaryAfter spending months reading, lurking, and periodically commenting on a number of blogs, I'm finally caving to the urge to create my own. 

March: You use a Gantt chart to help plan your wedding.

AprilThe next month isn't looking promising for advisorial feedback: his committee duties apparently require vast amount of reading, two (2) students are defending within the next month, the project funding roughly 1/3 of the group has an annual review, and he submitted a semi-speculative abstract months ago to a conference in May, and the student doing most of that work got stuck out of the country due to visa issues. (holy run-on sentence, Batman!)

May: At GiantU, there is a common complaint from undergraduate engineering majors that none of their classes cover some of the more practical things employers expect them to know, like Matlab coding. 

June: As mentioned in my wedding post, I mentioned Mr.ME and I are having a steampunk wedding. 

July: I should have the wedding picture post up soon, but there's some picture editing to be done first. 

August: Project A data frenzy is done, which means Project B data frenzy is now in full swing. 

September: The engineering school here at GiantU runs a training session for new TAs, and I have to say that I was surprised by how well done it was. 

October: So this is a topic that was mentioned on EngineerBlogs back in February, but in preparing for my first ever lecture, I've been very thankful for my rather extensive bookshelf. 

November: It has not been the most productive week of my life (other than knitting, which I learned this weekend). 

December: This semester has been my first real teaching experience, though by no means my first grading experience. 

So what have I learned? As soon as I get busy, my blogging drops to almost nothing, unless I'm super-stressed. I've learned that I'm not crazy, my advisor is, and that I really do love teaching, even when I find individual students frustrating. Now, to keep it going another 11 months...

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