Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finding Motivation

This weekend, there was a recruitment event for high school students looking at GiantU. Departments put on demonstrations and do brief presentations about why we're awesome. I volunteered to help with the demos, along with a bunch of undergrads. The undergrads were all very self-conscious, and asked me to do most of the talk.

When I don't do it for awhile,  I forget how much I really enjoy teaching. While TAing this year is out, because I'm still on fellowship, I'm going to try and convince my advisor to let me TA again in the fall (generally, students only teach once, unless their advisor has no money or they're switching groups).  Teaching reminds me why I'm doing this in the first place.

Another senior student has left the group instead of graduating. I've now seen more people walk out on my advisor than graduate. Needless to say, morale is low around here. But we're doing what we can to keep each other motivated. There be almost no overlap between projects, but having someone ask questions that make you think is still a source of motivation. There's a sort of grim determination of "it won't be me". Now, if I could just get code to do what I want it to do...

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