Monday, May 23, 2011

Working Hours

As the semester has ended, and I no longer have an 8am class, I find my arrival time in the morning drifting later, even though I'm still waking up at the same time. Part of this is wedding preparations, since I spend some of my time in the morning taking care of details. The other part is related to advice I was given by my corporate internship supervisor: "If you can't control what time you leave in the evening, you can at least control what time you show up in the morning".

My internship was in the non-destructive evaluation group, which meant more often than not, around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, someone would show up and drop a problem on his desk. At this particular office, the typical working hours were 7:30 to 4, so this meant people would stop by on their way out the door, often with some sort of request for "can you have this done by ___?". Since no one ever seemed to have problems first thing in the morning, my supervisor had decided that rather than constantly working significant amounts of overtime, he would simply shift his schedule and show up late.

My current advisor is *not* a morning person. Consequently, I usually don't see him until 2 at earliest, and more often, not until 5... at which point he'll have a list of things he wants done by the "end of the day". So in an effort to have more control over how many hours I'm in the office, I will be experimenting with taking that advice.

Do your boss/advisor's hours affect when you work?

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  1. My grad advisor was a morning person, and so am I. He was/is notoriously hard to track down, especially as the day progressed, and this buffer had more and more things on it that he hadn't been able to dump.

    So there were several times that I showed up at his office between 6am and 8am, to get guaranteed high quality attention from him.

    This is not recommended if you are not a morning person.